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Ball Sphere Matt 3-10 Shungite Natural Stone

Grade Size (cm) Surface Stone Form Price
  • Type: Others
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Shungite
  • Material Origin: Russian Federation
  • SupplyAbility: 100
  • Port: Russian Federation
  • Min. Order: 3 (Pieces)
  • Packaging Detail:
  • Delivery Detail:
  • Shipment Terms: Others
  • Payment Terms: PayPal
Irina Radina Telephone:+8911-4321647 Add to Basket

Product Description:

Shungite Ball (Sphere) for antistress massage and home decor.

Surface: matt

Aviable diameters: 3-10 cm.

Hands is the most assailable part of human body. Hands are subject to different aggressive effects, but we know that there are many active points on the palm of the hand. These points are connected with all the organs and systems of organism. So, everybody who works hard needs useful and enjoyable massage of his hands. You can do it with the help of shunghit  balls. You can choose polished glance or matte balls. In any case you have the garantee of improvement of your health, energy of your space and unstressed effects.  Shunghit  balls are very ybeautiful and durable. They will make you health, calm and happy for a very long time. It’s possible to order the balls in different size.

Shungite Jewellery and Accessories strengthen by regular using your biofield, protect you from EMF, help to find emotional harmony.

Shungite is a rare non-crystalline black  mineraloid, consists from 30 to 99 percent of carbon.  The main deposit of this unique stone  is in the northwest  of Russia, in the Lake Onego, in Karelia -  ancient area of  Baltic-Finnic nation Karelians. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village, from where it gets its name.

Shungite has been used not only as decorative stone but also in medical treatment since the early 18th century. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.

Ideal adsorbing properties of shungite allow it to be an excellent water filter.

Such water can and should be used for baby food, to improve and maintain immunity.

In large cities in the water the content of harmful substances of organic and inorganic origin is increased.

Shungite neutralizes all impurities and structures water at the molecular level. Special molecules - fullerenes, which are part of the shungite, contribute to the preservation of health and youth. Such water is considered to be alive.

Especially efficient is Elite or Noble Shungite, almost 100% composed of carbon.

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Irina Radina
  • Telephone:+8911-4321647
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    Rigachina street 37A Petrozavodsk Republic of Karelia

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